Transparent Walls 1

Transparent Walls 1

Transparent walls are a type of wall that allows you to see through it. They can be crafted from Glass or can spawn naturally in houses on Floating Islands. They also prevent monster spawns.

PURE Enclose framed glass wall systems incorporate full framing to enhance sound protection and provide structure without impeding sight lines. The result is a system that provides STC ratings that exceed expectations.

Patio glass walls

Whether you have an expansive view, large patio, or a gorgeous pool area, a glass wall is a beautiful way to make the space more functional and visually appealing. A glass wall can also increase your home’s resale value and provide an easy transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Transparent walls are popular in many modern homes and commercial buildings, but there are a few safety concerns that must be considered when installing this feature. In this blog post, Architect & Premises Safety Expert Mark Monteith shares some important safety tips to consider when designing and installing transparent walls.

Moving glass walls open up your space and blend indoor and outdoor living by bringing in natural light, improving air quality, and creating an unobstructed view. These walls can be a great upgrade to traditional sliding patio doors or a complete addition for three-season rooms and screened porches.

NS Series moveable glass walls from Milgard are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing patio doors or new construction. The transparent glass panels allow in the most natural light possible while protecting privacy and reducing UV penetration. The wide selection of available frames, handles and finishes enables you to create a custom look for your space. NS glass walls are available in bi-folding and lift slide options, with narrow frame profiles and butt-glazed walls that eliminate vertical mullions for maximum transparency.

Veranda glass walls

Add weather protection to your glass veranda or garden room with our fixed or sliding wall solution. These walls can be installed at the same time as your veranda or can be retro fitted if you already have a glazed area. Unlike our patio doors these walls will protect you from cold, wind and rain but still allow you to enjoy the view and sunshine.

Our veranda glass walls are made with high performance polycarbonate or glass depending on your budget and style requirements. Polycarbonate is a more economical option and offers the same aesthetic as glass without the risk of breakage.

The glazed walls create an open, comfortable space for your family to relax in all year round, whether you’re enjoying the sun or watching a storm roll in. The transparent walls allow light to flood into the space and brighten your home with no need for artificial lighting, making a real energy saving.

If you prefer privacy, we can also offer frosted or tinted glass. These walls can be locked to give you and your family a secure place to play, cook or study without worry of falling plants or kids getting lost outdoors. The glazed walls will also keep out the rain and cold so you can sit outside all year round. All our elegant glass verandas with sides have integrated rain drainage with pipes hidden inside the framework. This will take the water down to a secret trough or straight to the ground.

Poolside glass walls

For homeowners with a pool house, cabana or enclosure, a glass wall is a unique way to make it more functional. Rather than keeping it closed during the summer, you can take advantage of the sun, the breeze and the view through your operable walls.

Transparent walls create a connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces in the house and also between the pool and the garden. They help to visually draw your attention to the calming attributes of water and also act as an engaging window for your energetic swimmers.

Unlike other poolside wall options that feature frames and a solid surface, this type of glass gives the visual impression there is no wall at all, offering you a perfect spot for swimming selfies. However, it is important to consult an engineer to ensure that the glass meets all applicable structural requirements.

Homeowners at this New York residence opted for NanaWall folding glass walls to optimize views of the protected woodland adjacent to their property and facilitate the multifunctionality of the pool area. They chose the NW Aluminum 840 system because it offers the slimmest frame profile in the industry and allows for more glass to maximize vistas and provide ample light. Additionally, they were impressed by the fact that NanaWall’s Accordion doors stack on one or both sides depending on the desired configuration.

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