Mail Movie Is Indie-Spirited And Has Its Heart At The Right Place On Aha

Mail movie is indie-spirited and has its heart at the right place on aha

The Telugu film industry has its heart in the right place. The industry provides a plethora of entertainment. It is perhaps the liveliest and the most vibrant film industry in India. Telugu moviesĀ are known for their princely sets, foot-tapping songs, peppy dance moves, exceptional production quality, and captivating performances.

However, like other film industries in India, the Telugu film industry also suffered huge setbacks owing to the ongoing Covid-19 and lockdown situation. Due to theatres shutting down, fans could not visit movie halls to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. But, thanks to OTT platforms, the industry found its savior. Most people who stayed at home during the lockdown immersed themselves in the various OTT platforms due to movie theatres’ shutting down. OTT platforms provided audiences the freedom to enjoy their favorite shows and watch Telugu and Indian movies online from their homes. The OTT platform offered a lifeline to the struggling Telugu film industry, which rejuvenated itself in the quest to entertain people with its stellar film productions.

The Telugu movies industry has had some notable movie releases recently. These movies have demonstrated the fact that they are indie-spirited. It is no doubt then that such movies occupy the right place at Aha and deserve a special mention. Mail is one such movie. It is a cute drama film, with some very sincere and heartfelt performances and an interesting storyline. Let’s review it.


Mail is the first chapter of the Telugu series, KambalapallyKathalu. Set in the early 2000s, the story showcases an era when small villages were still struggling to understand what a computer is.

Hybath (Priyadarshini), a small-time photographer, brings a computer to his village. The computer attracts the youth, and Ravi (Harshith Reddy) gets curious about the computer. He creates a mail id for himself, and all of a sudden, receives a fake email informing him he has won a two-crore lottery. How Ravi’s life takes a turn after receiving the email is the story of the film.

The story is cute and nicely set up. The innocence of youth, the perception of people living in small towns, and down-to-earth characters, are well showcased.

Harshith Reddy, the lead actor, has done justice to his role. He looks completely natural playing the part of a confused man. Priyadarshini is superb in his small yet powerful role. The comedy is good, and the climax seems justified.

Mail’s strongest point is its production value. The camerawork is fantastic, dialogues earthy, and the production design top-notch. The costumes and makeup suit the movie’s settings. The director, UdayGurrala, has done a good job. The story is well-written and well-executed by the cast.


All in all, Mail is a complete family entertainer. Like mentioned before, the movie is indie-spirited and holds a special place at aha. Subscribe to aha today to enjoy movies like Mail and more from the comfort of your home.