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InfoSpace underwent a complete clean-up and reorganization in December 2002 when the board of directors dismissed Jain as CEO and chairman and replaced Jain with Jim Voelker. After revelations about what the company was doing the business, its stock plunged to less than $2.50 per share in June 2002, robbing many investors and rendering employees’ stock options useless. InfoSpace was founded in 1996 by former Microsoft employee Naveen Jain, who offered numerous Web-based services and services such as phone directories and weather information and stock quotes, as well as search engines. Instead of writing down everyone’s phone numbers on paper, you can connect your laptop to the school’s Wi-Fi to Google Groups.

It initially made money from advertising fees and then branched out into Google News India offering cell phone Web content to earn money through charges to cell phone users. InfoSpace, which offers search and monetization, is still available in its new form as part of Blucora. What is a more crucial element of the democratic process than voting? There were lawsuits regarding insider trading, one of which Jain was unsuccessful; however, the verdict against Jain was dramatically reduced on appeal. We were located just outside of one of the urban areas that Webvan served. Despite the apparent shady behavior, there was no need to go to prison. You can search the menu to see whether the food you’re ordering doesn’t contain any vegetables.

For a start in gossiping about your friends and yourself, check out the first step. It can be complicated if you have never participated in the book swap. Civil engineers and university departments spend many hours figuring out the causes of traffic congestion and how it can be prevented. Training without stretching can result in muscle strain and injuries. In certain instances, 5G could draw less power, meaning the battery’s lifespan could be a little longer. It turned out that the company’s value may not have been as high as they thought it was. These are black holes that range from between a few and a couple of dozen times the size of our sun. They are likely to have been created due to the demise of massive stars that had run out of fuel and then exploded as supernovas billions of years ago.