Digging in the dirt with a Ladybug Party: 3 Fun Activities for Kids’ Garden Parties

Digging in the dirt with a Ladybug Party: 3 Fun Activities for Kids' Garden Parties

Ladybugs are a favorite of little girls who love bugs. This beetle’s bright orange or red shell and spotty splendor make it stand out. Every little girl loves the cute red and black colors, with just enough black polka dots.

A ladybug garden theme makes a great party theme. The decor is very easy to put together and has a built-in design that makes it simple. It’s all about the colors, the activities, and getting your hands dirty.

The best time to host this party is in late August when your vegetable garden is fully stocked. Ladybugs are a great addition to your garden, but they’re not essential. It may be Blogtrepreneur better just to leave them alone. What would the ladybugs think if there were a lot of little hands reaching out to grab them?


To get little girls excited about a party, dress them up. You can choose from a black and red outfit, a polka dots skirt or a ladybug costume.

If you have the expertise or the budget, provide each guest with their own pair of wings to wear at the party. They can also take them home.

This ladybug party is going to be messy. Each guest should be provided with a garden apron.

First Activity: Ladybug Scavenger Hunt

A fun scavenger hunt is the first activity. They should search the garden for ladybugs, and count how many they find. Instead of letting the beetles get away, hide some ladybugs and pins in the garden to encourage them to find them.

Second Activity: Harvesting and Eating

It’s now time to get dirty in the garden after this great adventure. You can ask them to put on their garden aprons, get out their gardening hats and roll up their sleeves. To make it even more fun, you can provide them with cute little girlie gardening tools, such as rakes, gloves and pads.

Place them in their designated spots and have them go digging for the vegetable you have prepared. Place them in a place where they are likely to dig up something.

Talk to your children about the joys of working in the garden. Have fun and feel the dirt between their fingers. They will love it when they each pull out a carrot, cucumber, or other vegetable they find. This will help them develop an appreciation for gardening.

You can pre-digge some vegetables if you’re not too keen on children playing in your garden. Then, place them in pots and then place them around the yard. Let the children dig them up.

After this, let them wash their vegetables together and wash their hands. As they wash their garden clothes, either you or an adult can help them cut the fresh vegetables and serve it with dip. For a perfect little party, make sure to include small sandwiches, tea, lemonade, desserts, and cake. You can find more inspiration by looking at these 

Activity #3 – Plant Your Own Masterpiece

After everyone has finished eating, it is time for them to make a little masterpiece to take home. Each guest should be given a small container. To personalize their pots, they can decorate them with glitter, paint or other crafts. You can also ask them to draw their names on it.

After this step is completed, add a little bit of topsoil to each pot. Next, place a variety seeds in a central container. Wildflowers, herbs, small vegetables, and anything else that can grow well in a pot are all good options. Each person takes a handful of seeds and puts them in their own pot. Cover the pot with some topsoil and add water. The party favor can be taken home by the guests, who will then wonder what kind of plants they have.

Your guests will talk about the cute ladybug garden party for a long time and they will appreciate the value of having a garden!